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Kyle Baker Signs Letter of Intent!
All the hard work in the classroom and gym has paid off for Kyle Baker as he has committed to the United States Air Force Academy where he will be a member of their gymnastics team! Great job Kyle

Blaine Wilsonc Classic
QCG continues a great season. Lots of individual winners and Level 6s finish 2nd and Levels 5,7 & 10 finish first!

Winterfest A Success
Thanks QCG Parents for running a great meet. Over 350 gymnasts! QCG boys did well winning the team in Levels 5,6,8,10!


QCG Kicks Off the 2009-2010 Season
The compulsory boys had their first meet of the year at GTCO. The Level 5's, Level 6's and Level 7's all won the team title! Also Zeb Nasiatka (level 5), Cory Stulz (level 5), Everett Kohinke (level 6) and Dylan Hughes (level 7) all won the All Around Title. Way to go guys!

2009 JO Nationals
Queen City Gymnastics hosted a great JO Nationals. Thanks for all the support.

QCG Highlights:
  • Jesse Himmelsbach finishes 7th AA, 5th on Ph and PB and again made the Jr. National Team.
    Queen City has a long history of boys on the National Team including: John Bliesener ('90), Michael Morgan (93,94,95), Matt Metzger (96),DJ Bucher ('97,'98,2000,2001,2002), Aaron Rakes ('99,2001), Julian Whittle (2003), Kevin Baker (2008) and Jesse Himmelsbach (2008,2009)
  • Kevin Baker qualifed for All Around Finals and finished 21st
  • John Kremer competing in Pommel Horse Semi-Finals
  • Noah Beeman competing in P.Bars and Floor Semi-Finals

    Queen City did well at regionals. Level 9s, 10s (14-15), and 6s all finished in top 3 in team.

    Kevin Baker (7th) and Jesse Himmelsbach (3rd) make regional team. All 12 boys that were eligible for nationals qualified!

    Congrats level 10 National Qualifiers - John Kremer, Kyle Baker, Kevin Baker, Peter TenEyck (not pictured), Alex Gorder, and John Tanner

    Congrats level 9 National Qualifiers - Jeremy Siegel, John Schroeder, JD Allsup, Ben Mason, Noah Beeman, and Jesse Himmelsbach

    QCG Rock at State Meet!
    Congrats to the boys - 38 Qualified to Regionals! and 32 State Champions

    2009 Ohio State Champs
    Level 6 Team
    Kevin Baker (Level 10) ? All Around, Vault
    Peter Teneyck (Level 10) - Highbar
    Noah Beeman (Level 9) ? All Around, Floor, Pommels, Pbars, Highbar
    Jess Himmelsbach (Level 9) ? Vault, PBars, Highbar
    John Shroeder (Level 9) ? Pommels
    Mark Liston (Level 8) ? Rings
    Phillip Lunt (Level 7) ? Rings, Pbars
    Dylan Hughes (Level 6) ? Pommels, Pbars, Highbar, All Around
    Chris Iram (Level 6) ? Rings, Pbars, All Around
    Corky Wilson (Level 6) ? Highbar
    Adam Leyendecker (Level 6) ? Pommels
    Trevor Allsup (Level 6) ? Pommels
    Dalton Shevlin (Level 5) - Rings
    Austin Shevlin (Level 5) ? Pommels, Rings, Pbars, All Around
    Joel Adams (Level 5) - Floor
    Bob Zavon (Level 5) ? Floor, Rings

    2009 Silver Medalists
    Level 9 Team
    Level 7 Team
    Level 5 Team
    Level 10 Team
    Kevin Baker (level 10) ? Pommels, Rings, Highbar
    Noah Beeman(Level 9) ? Rings
    Jesse Himmelsbach(Level 9)- Rings, All Around
    Jon Liston (Level 8) - Pommels
    Ben Phillips (Level 7) ? Highbar
    Phillip Lunt (Level 7) ? Vault, Highbar, All Around
    Dylan Hughes (Level 6) ? Vault
    Chris Iram (Level 6) ? Highbar
    Corky Wilson(Level 6) ? Pommels, Rings, All Around
    Adam Leyendecker (Level 6) ? Vault, Pbars
    Tulles Dean (Level 6) ? Floor
    James Grace (Level 6) ? Vault
    Brighton Kahrs (Level 6) ? Highbar
    Trevor Allsup (Level 6) ? Pbars
    Austin Shevlin (Level 5) ? Floor, Highbar
    Joel Adams (Level 5) - Rings
    Bob Zavon (Level 5) ? Pbars

    2009 Bronze Medalists
    JD Allsup (level 9) ? Pommels
    Jeremy Siegel (level 9) ? Floor, Rings, P.Bars, All Around
    Noah Beeman (level 9) ? Vault
    Ben Phillips (Level 7) ? Pbars
    Phillip Lunt (Level 7) ? Pommels
    Dylan Hughes (Level 6) ? Floor, Rings
    Chris Iram (Level 6) ? Floor
    Adam Leyendecker (Level 6) ? Rings, Highbar, All Around
    Zachary Siegel(Level 6) ? Floor, Highbar
    Joel Adams (Level 5) - Pommels, Pbars, Highbar, All Around

    State Meet Info
    State Information is posted - information

    Alumni Doing Great Things
    Congrats to former QCG Team Member Joel Uptmor. Joel was named Airforce Athlete of the week! Joel is a freshman at the Airforce Academy. Link

    2009 Winterfest
    Thanks to the boosters for running another great meet. Almost 400 kids in 4 sessions and out of the gym by 4:30 on Sunday!

    Level 6s and 10s win the team title. Level 5s,7s and 9s were team runner ups. All Around winners:
    Austin Shevlin - level 5
    Bob Zavon - Level 5
    Dylan Hughes - Level 6
    Jesse Himmelsbach - Level 9
    Kevin Baker - Level 10

    Windy City
    Congrats to the level 7-10s at the Windy City. Level 10s 14-15 yr olds finished 3rd AA. Top all arounders were Ben Phillips who finished 4th AA in level 7, Phillip Lunt finished 8th in level 7 and Jeremy Siegel finished 10th AA in level 9.

    Boys at GTCO
    The level6's won the team title and the Level 5's came in 2nd place.

    Kevin Baker in Event Finals
    Kevin finished 4th on highbar in event finals at Jr. Nationals
    Full Results

    Kevin Baker and Jesse Himmelsbach are National Team Members
    Level 9's Kevin Baker (8th Place) and Jesse Himmelsbach (10th place) have been placed on the USA Jr. National Team. USA Gymnastics chooses the top 14 gymnasts ages 12-14. Kevin and Jesse will have camps at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs in July and October and may qualify to compete internationally. Kevin and Jesse join a long line of QCG Gymnasts that have been named to the US National Team including Jon Bliesener ('90), Michael Morgan ('93,'94,'95), Matt Metzger ('96), DJ Bucher ('97,'98,2000,2001,2002), Aaron Rakes ('99,2001) and Julian Whittle (2003)

    Boys Compete at Natioanls
    John Kremer, John Tanner, Alex Gordon, Kevin Baker and Jesse Himmelsbach competed in prelims at the Jr. Nationals in Battlecreek Michigan. All competed well with John Kremer qualifying to the 2nd day of competition in level 10 and level 9's Kevin Baker (6th AA) and Jesse Himmelsbach (8th AA) qualifying to All Around Finals. Over 730 boys competed in this competition.

    QCG Boys are Smart Too!
    Kyle Baker, Petery TenEyck and John Kremer have all been names USA Gymnastics Academic All Americans for 2008. To be named an Academic All American a gymnast must maintain a 3.5 GPA and get recommended by a coach and a teacher. Way to go guys!

    QCG Shows it Muscle at Regionals
    QCG had a great showing at regionals. Level 9's Kevin Baker and Jesse Himmelsbach finish 1st and 2nd AA. The level 9 team finished 2nd place in the region. Our region is composed of Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana.

    Kevin Baker, Jesse Himmelsbach, John Tanner, Alex Gordon and JOhn Kremer all qualified to Nationals.

    Great Job At State Meet!
    State Champs
    Level 5 Team
    Level 9 Team
    SaveCanDylan Hughes(Level 5 -7&under) ? Floor, Pommels, Pbars, All Around
    Corky Wilson (Level 5 ? 8yr) ? Floor, Pommels, Highbar, All Around
    Zachary Siegel (Level 5 -8yr) - Rings
    Aaron Funke (Level 5-8yr) Pbars
    Calvin Spanbauer (Level 5- 9yr) - Highbar
    celCloseEdit Trevor Allsup (Level 5 -10&up) ? Rings, Pbars, Highbar
    Nick Foster (Level 6 ? 10-11yr) ? Vault
    John Shroeder (Level 6 ? 12&up) ? Vault, Pbars, Highbar
    Ben Mason (Level 7 -12&up) Pommels
    Garrett Miller (Level 8)- Vault
    Jesse Himmelsbach (Level 9) ? Floor, Pommels, Rings, Pbars, All Around
    Kevin Baker (Level 9) ? Vault
    John Kremer (Level 10) - Highbar

    Silver Medalists
    Level 8 Team
    Sterling Harris (Level 5 ? 7&under) - Pbars
    FileWhen finished,Dylan Hughes(Level 5 -7&under) ? High Bar
    Noah Vigran (Level 5 ? 7&under) ? Floor
    click Save or Cancel beloShiva Devarajan (Level 5 -7&under) ? Pommels
    Corky Wilson (Level 5 ? 8yr) ? Pbars
    w. Change PermissZachary Siegel (Level 5 -8yr) ? All Around
    ionsReadWrTulles Dean (Level 5-8yr) ? Floor, Pommels
    iteExecuteUserTyler McDonough (Level 5-8yr) ? Highbar
    Aaron Funke (Level 5-8yr) - Rings
    Calvin Spanbauer (Level 5- 9yr) - Pbars
    Noah Cochran (Level 5 -10&up)- Pbars
    Jimmy Solomine (Level 6 -10-11yr) - Rings
    John Shroeder (Level 6 ? 12&up) ? Pommels, All Around
    GroupMark Liston (Level 6 -12&up) ? Floor, Rings
    Austin Smith (Level 8) Rings
    Jesse Himmelsbach (Level 9) ? Highbar
    John Kremer (Level 10) - Pbars

    Bronze Medalists
    Level 6 Team
    Level 7 Team
    OtherDylan Hughes(Level 5 -7&under) ? Rings
    Noah Vigran (Level 5 ? 7&under) ? Pbars
    Zachary Siegel (Level 5 -8yr) - Highbar
    Tulles Dean (Level 5-8yr) ? Rings, All Around
    File VTyler McDonough (Level 5-8yr) ? Vault, Pbars
    Calvin Spanbauer (Level 5- 9yr) - Vault
    Stewart Spanbauer (Level 6- 10-11yr) - Pbars
    John Shroeder (Level 6 ? 12&up) ? Floor
    ersionsWarning: RestorPhilip Lunt (Level 7 -10-11yr) ? Pommels
    ing an older version willMichael Johnson (Level 7-12&up) ? Highbar, All Around
    Garrett Miller (Level 8) ? Pommels, Rings, All Around
    Jeremy Siegel (Level 9) - Pommels
    Alex Gordan (Level 9) ? Vault

    Joel Uptmor Gets Appointment to Airforce Academy
    Joel Uptmor signed with a letter or intent to go to the Airforce Academy. Joel received his apointment from vice President Cheney

    Former QCG Gymnast up for Nissen Award
    Each year 7 college gymnasts are nominated for the Nissen Award which is the Heisman Trophy of gymnastics. This Year DJ Bucher was nominated. Other QCG Gymnasts that have been nominated are Nate Downs, Marshall Erwin and Michael Morgan.

    State Meet Info
    Here is the website with the latest information.

    Circle of Stars
    Congrats to the level 5's! Winning the Circle of Stars Team Title!

    Pacific Coast Classic
    Level 9s win the team title in Oakland, California. Jesse Himmlesbach finishes 2nd AA and Kevin Baker finishes 3rd.

    Blaine Wilson Invitational
    Queen City had a great showing once again. Level 9s and Level 5s win the team title.

    Level 9s Jesse Himmelsbach wins the all around and Kevin Baker finishes 2nd.
    Level 6's Tullus Dean, Corky Wilson both win the all around with Dylan Hughes coming in second.

    Regionals Information
    Regionals Website

    Arnold Info
    Tentative Schedule

    Winterfest Competition Goes Well
    Congrats to the boosters for running a great meet.

    Level 5,7, 8, and 9s all win the team title. Level 6's finish 2nd

    All Around winners included:
    John Kremer - 14-15 Level 10
    Kevin Baker - Level 9
    Michael Johnson - Level 7
    Tullis Dean - Level 5


    Winterfest Photos
    TO order photos from the meet go to: or google Dan Ledbetter Events

    QCG at GTCO
    The level 5s and 6s had a fantastic meet at GTCO.
    Level 5's won the team title by 7 points! Level 6's came in second. Trevor Allsup, Chris Iram, John Schroeder and Tullis Dean win the all around

    Great Showing in the Windy City
    Queen City started the year off great! Jesse Himmelsbach wins level 9 All Around, Kevin Baker finishes 2nd and Alex Gordon finishes 9th.
    Level 9 team finished 2nd.
    Garrett Miller finishes 5th All Around in Level 8. Level 7s win the team title!
    JD Allsup finished 6th All Around in Level 7 and Ben Mason is 10th .

    Queen City Hosts 2009 Nationals
    Queen City will host JO Nationals in 2009.
    Over 700 gymnasts from around the country will compete at the Convention Center Downtown

    Jesse 3 Time National Team Member
    For the third straight year Jesse Himmelsbach is a Future Stars National Team Member.
    He finished 7th AA at Nationals and will go to National Team Camp in Colorado Springs in July

    2008 Winterfest Info
    The 2008 Winterfest Information can be found here.

    2008 Tentative Schedule
    The tentative meet schedule can be found here

    2007 Regionals
    Queen City had 8 boys qualify to Nationals.
    Level 10s - Max Sabert, John Kremer
    Level 9s - Kevin Baker, Matt Alvarado, Jesse Himmelsbach, Paul Montague, Jeremy Siegel, Peter TenEyck

    Top Finishers were:
    Level 6 Ben Mason 3rd AA, 2nd Rings, 3rd rings
    Level 6 Frederic Cauwberghs 4th AA, 1st Rg, 3rd PH
    Level 6 Steeler Hundley 3rd HB
    Level 6 Ben Phillips 8th AA
    Level 7 Alex Gordon 2nd Fl, 5th AA
    Level 9 Kevin Baker 3rd Vt, 2nd Pbars

    2007 State Meet
    Queen City has another great State Meet. Congrats to the following State Champs and State Runner Ups:
    State Champs
    Level 9 Team
    Level 6 (10-11) Team
    Kevin Baker (Level 9) High Bar
    Jesse Himmelsbach (Level 9) P. Bars
    Alex Gordon (Level 7) Rings, High Bar
    Frederic Cauwberghs (Level 6) Rings, P.Bars
    Jake Paul (Level 6) Highbar
    Phillip Lunt (Level 6) P. Bars
    Steeler Hundley (Level 6) High Bar
    Ben Phillips (Level 6) Floor
    Stewart Spanbauer (Level 5) Pommels, High Bar
    Taylor Mason (Level 5) Vault
    Chris Iram (Level 5) Floor, P. Bars, High Bar,All Around
    Adam Leyendecker (Level 5) Floor
    Zachary Siegel (Level 5) P. Bars
    Shiva Devarajan (Level 5) Vault
    Keith Carr (Level 5) Floor, Rings

    Runner Ups
    Level 6 Team
    Julian Whittle (Level 10) Rings
    John Kremer (Level 10) Pommels
    Kevin Baker (Level 9) All Around
    Peter TenEyck (Level 9) Pommels, Rings
    Alex Gordon (Level 7) Floor
    Austin Smith (Level 7) Rings
    Jake Paul (Level 6) Floor, Rings, P. Bars
    Frederic Cauwberghs (Level 6) Pommels, AA
    Phillip Lunt (Level 6) Floor
    Ben Mason (Level 6) High Bar
    Chris Iram (Level 5) Pommels, Rings, Vault
    Adam Leyendecker (Level 5) High Bar, All Around

    State Meet Results
    Level 5 : Level 6 : Level 7
    Level 8 : Level 9 : Level 10
    Team Results
    Level 5 : Level 6 : Level 7
    Level 8 : Level 9 : Level 10

    State Meet 2007
    The Queen City Boosters is hosting the Boys State Meet here at Kid's First on Saturday and Sunday, March 24 and March 25, 2007.  Below are some links to information about the State Meet.
    State Entry Form
    State Schedule (Final)
    Hotel Information
    Dining Guide
    Driving Directions

    Winterfest 2007
    Another great Winterfest hosted by the boosters. Over 400 gymnasts in one weekend. Highlights included Level 6's and Level 9/10 Team Champs! Level 5's come in 3rd.

    GTCO Invite
    The 29 level 5's competed at GTCO. Great 1st meet of the year for them as they came in 2nd in the team - just .05 out of first!

    Whitfield Invitational
    The levels 6-10s competed at the Jason Whitfield Invitational in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Level 7s and 10s won their competition and the level 6's and 9's came in 2nd

    Windy CityInvite
    Results for the Windy City Invite are posted.

    Jesse is Two Time National Team Member
    Congrats to Jesse Himmelsbach for making the 11 yr old National Team by finishing 9th all around at the Future Stars competition in Colorado Springs. Jesse will be heading back out to the Olympic Training Center for a National Team Camp in the summer. Also Congrats to Paul Montague for competing at the Future Stars Competition. Paul finished 21st in the Nation for 12 yr olds.

    Bid on a Pommel Horse
    Hamilton County has an online auction for an old Nissen pommel horse. If interested go here.

    QCG Has Future Stars
    Three QCG Gymnasts competed at the Regional Future Stars Competition in Louisville and had a great meet. Paul Montague finished 2nd All Around in the 12 yr old Division. Ben Phillips finished 3rd All Around in the 8-9 yr old Division and Jesse Himmelsbach (pictured) finished 5th All Around in the 11 yr old Division.

    Both Paul and Jesse will compete in Colorado Springs in November in hopes of making the Future Stars National Team. Jesse qualified for the team last year in the 10 yr old Division.
    Great Job Boys!

    2006-2007 Schedule Up
    The New Schedule is posted. Please let the coaches know if you are unable to attend a meet. Often once your son is entered, there will not be a refund for the entry fee.

    The roster and Winterfest Pages are also being updated!

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